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We value our patients' experience at MAC Alternative Therapies, Inc. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Mark Calandro

What Our Clients Are Saying!

  • "Wow there are not enough stars! Terrific talent at MAC - Mark Is an amazing gifted therapist healer teacher who delivers results like few can. It is no wonder he has a waiting list practice and worth every minute!"
    Paige C. - Facebook (5 Stars)
  • "Mark at MAC Therapy literally turned my life around.  I had a herniated disc in my upper back and was in a great deal of pain. I called in desperation for some relief.  They got me right in and with a series of weekly treatments the pain has totally disappeared.  No surgery, no invasive procedures.  Total quality care with amazing results for both body and soul!"
    Theresa B., Tampa, FL
  • "That guy should set up a revival tent! He’s Amazing!"
    Cliff M, Clearwater, FL
  • "My appointment with Mark was Crazy! The immediate results I experienced was amazing!"
    Bryan B., Palm Harbor, FL
  • "I came or my first visit today and am impress with all the knowledge he gave me, not to mention the amazing physical relief. I am looking forward to being a continued patient."
    Stephanie S., Tarpon Springs, FL
  • "After seeking multiple & numerous means of alleviating pain from certain dysfunctions & misalignments of hips, joints, and shoulders my trainer, gave me Marks information. I am a nationally competing figure & fitness athlete, who had to pull out of competition this year due to an injury, MAC Therapy works with your body, not a “cookie cutter” text book method. He actually can feel and read your body’s’ energy!! Sounds Crazy but this is going to change my life completely! I can already feel a difference. I can’t wait to tell everyone!"
    Pete W., Clearwater, FL
  • "Mark, I just wanted to be sure you know how much I appreciate you! All your caring support and always going the extra mile. Thank you for hanging there with me!"
    Namaste, L.
  • "OMG! Mark is a true miracle worker and an amazing man! Do yourself a favor and get in to see him! You will never regret it!"
    Karen F., Tarpon Springs, FL
  • "Mark’s neuromuscular work has been & is a necessary part of my physical well-being. For the past year we have worked to create more balance in my muscular health, and recently on rehabilitating injured hamstrings & related problems. Mark’s ability to unblock locked muscular patterns and slowly return flexibility to the tissue has helped me significantly. I teach yoga for a living, and my overall physical condition must be such that I am a visible example of quality movement patterns for my clients. I rely on Mark’s friendly and professional assistance to restore balance in my body and promote the range of motion I need in my work and in my life!"
    Haven K., Certified Yoga instructor
  • "I am a chronic headache sufferer, both migraine and tension, for greater than fifteen years. I had tried just about every headache preventative and treatment medication available with limited success. When I met Mark, I was having more headache days than non-headache days. On my first visit, Mark was convinced he could help me. His confidence gave me hope and his personable manner put me at ease. Over a couple of sessions, I began to notice steady improvement and my headaches decreased in frequency from four to five a week to a couple (much less severe), per month – A life changing outcome which I never thought possible!"
    Judy O., Highlands, NC
  • "Mark, because of your knowledge and skill, I am able to function more efficiently and am more aware of taking better care of myself, so I can help others. I am exercising regularly, stretching more and mindfully more present in the moment. Please extend my gratitude to your wonderful staff who are so professional and understanding of the needs of those who seek help."
    Geri C, Clearwater, FL
  • "After suffering with pain for months & going through conventional treatments through my general practitioner & orthopedic surgeon, with very little relief. I got Marks name from an associate at work and after only one visit, I went from complete despair to 99% pain relief. It was like a miracle!"
    Steve B., Odessa, FL
  • "I’ve criss-crossed the USA in search of relief from the injuries I suffered while playing golf. MAC Therapies is the best! Mark looks thoroughly at my lifestyle and looked much further than simply treating the symptom, he looked for the source of the problem too! Thanks Mark! You’ve made a difference in my life!"
    Dave P., St. Petersburg, FL
  • "I was suffering with debilitating sciatica pain for months. I went to see my orthopedic surgeon, did all the recommended tests, MRIs, X-rays with absolutely no answer to my problems or relief for my pain. I heard about Mark through my wife and honestly thought it would be much of the same with no resolution. I was literally at my ropes end and my wife made an appointment for me and forced me to at least try. I am so thankful that I went that day. In one visit, I went from literally not wanting to go on, to being almost pain free. It truly was like a miracle! I believe Mark has an amazing gift of healing! I highly recommend him without hesitation!"
    Bob K., Palm Harbor, FL
  • "When I first started going to Mark, I was struggling with left shoulder and very tense neck and upper back pain. My left shoulder was interfering with sleep at night, waking me up with pain and causing difficulty finding a position for it that did not ache. Physical therapy and cortisone injections had not helped the problem and 2 different orthopedic surgeons recommended surgery, both citing different issues. Over time, Mark and his team have been able to improve my shoulder enough that it no longer interferes with my sleep. I firmly believe had it not been for Mark, I would have had surgery on my shoulder that was not necessary. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Mark and his team to any of my friends."
    John L, Trinity, FL
  • "If I tried to verbalize all that Mark and his team have done, and continue to do to help me survive and thrive, I’d need a ream of paper. So I’ll just say, Unbelievable talent and touch."
    Steven M, Orlando, FL
  • "Before we found MAC, my husband and I couldn’t enjoy retirement and travel was out of the question. I was headed or a wheelchair when Mark did his magic. My husband and I thank MAC every day!"
    Caroline & Bill, Miami, FL
  • "I was scheduled to have hip replacement surgery. Mark helped me avoid the knife! Enough said!"
    Brenda T, Grand Rapids, MI

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