Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is the study of how the human body and its muscles work together in both healthy and unhealthy ways. It has been well-documented that stronger muscles may begin to compensate for weaker ones, which can lead to pain, discomfort, and functional issues within the body.

In massage therapy, muscle testing is important because it teaches how muscles work together so that treatment can be tailored to the client’s specific needs. By utilizing pressure point therapy with the understanding of how the muscles work together, energy blockages can be discovered and treated, allowing all muscles to work in healthy unison.

Another important aspect of muscle testing is taking into account the ways in which the body may also have mental blockages that could be resulting in physical issues. The mind and body have a strong link, after all, so it’s important to determine the true source of the physical manifestation. Visualization exercises are sometimes given along with pressure point treatments to help clear energy blockages.This allows the body to function with the all muscles taking on their proper share of the workload.

Inside and around your body is a network of energy and energy field. Every process, system or item contained in your body relies on this network at all times. To use an example you are probably more familiar with… When a virus comes in contact with or invades your body, your energy network and nerves will immediately send a query request to your nervous system. Your nervous system will then access data stored in its database to determine things such as “what it is”, “Have I come in contact with this strain before”, “How did I fight it last time”, “was that fight successful” etc. Then using that same network it will rally your immune troops to begin an attack. Depending on the location of that point of contact or invasion, your immune system starts signaling or communicating across that same network a cough, sneeze, close the throat, water the eyes, produce GI upset or emesis to protect itself. We use the extraordinary properties of the human cells and tissues to bring about healing and health changes.... just as nature intended.

The circuits (translated as meridians) of this energy network were accurately defined, but more importantly, mapped by traditional Chinese medicine more than 5,000 years ago. They still use it for acupuncture today. When some data (about a food you are eating, sight you are seeing, hormone being received, texture you are feeling etc.) comes across this electrical system and is identified incorrectly, incompatible, or unnecessarily stressful by your body it will disrupt (block completely or greatly diminish) the electrical current throughout the circuit. Your brain and cells then stores this data for future reference. That substance will always block or disrupt the energy circuit until the cells and brain are retrained to recognize it correctly.

You can test for this disruption by applying gentle but firm sustained pressure on a muscle. If the energy current through the network remains intact, the joint will lock into place and the muscle will remain strong against the gentle but firm sustained pressure. When this happens, it means the body has properly identified the source. On the other hand, if it is seen as incompatible or mishandled, it will disrupt the current, causing it to short-circuit and block the energy flow to the muscle. This will cause the joint to unhinge or unlock and the muscle to weaken or give way upon the same amount of gentle sustained pressure.

The body has the full potential to fully repair itself, when given the right nutrients.

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